Bean Sofa Chair Classic Dark Brown

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Classic bean sofa chair with armrest for quality support while lounging for long durations like working on laptop, playing video games, watching favorite movies or just taking an quick afternoon nap, this one is perfect for you.


Bean Sofa Chair Classic Dark Brown

Get ready to experience the ultimate level of luxury and comfort with the BEAN SOFA CHAIR CLASSIC. Our bean sofa chair is designed with a classic look that features an armrest for extra support while lounging for long hours. Whether you’re working from home, playing video games or taking a quick afternoon nap, this chair is perfect for you! Enjoy the superior quality and style of our product and feel comfortable for hours on end. Buy your BEAN SOFA CHAIR CLASSIC today and experience the best in quality and comfort.

  • Enjoy a superior back support with the adjustable high backrest. Get maximum comfort with a perfect lounging posture.
  • The added armrests add another layer of relaxation for your arms, allowing you to recline for longer hours.
  • Premium export quality fabric and workmanship makes this lounge chair an ideal choice for any home or office environment.

Salient Features

  • Best Quality Fabric (We do not compromise on Quality)
  • Two Years Warranty.
  • Plenty of Colors to choose from.
  • Easy to Maintain and Clean.
  • Light Weight. Can be carried around easily.
  • Best for watching movies and playing games.
  • Easy to Refill.


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