We make high-quality products with our customers’ comfort in mind. We use the best materials like fabrics, threads, and zippers, and our experienced team ensures that each bag is made with great care. Before our products leave the warehouse, we make sure they pass a thorough quality check.

Bean bags can sometimes get damaged depending on how they are used. To protect our customers, we have a clear warranty policy. Depending on the fabric and model you choose, our products are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one to five years. To keep your bean bag in good shape, you should regularly add beans every 2-3 months, keep it away from fire, direct sunlight, and wet areas, and clean it with a wet cloth (without soap or detergent). Loose beans should be kept away from children.

Our warranty covers the following issues:
1. Stitches coming out at seams or joints.
2. Zipper getting locked or damaged.
3. Velcro lock losing stitches.
4. Fabric fraying due to poor quality.

The warranty does not cover:
1. Beans losing their shape.
2. Bags getting damaged by sharp objects.
3. Bags getting stained or discolored due to use.

4. If the product is used by a commercial establishment or by an individual for commercial purpose.

Here’s how our warranty process works:
1. If any damages occur during the warranty period, please contact our Customer Service Number at +91 9370677715 or email us at
2. Our Customer Care executive will guide you on how to send the bag to our Service Center.
3. Once we receive the damaged bag, our Service Manager will determine if it falls under warranty.
4. If the bag is covered by the warranty, we will fix it for free.
5. If the bag is not covered by the warranty or the damage is not covered, we will charge a nominal fee to fix it. The charges will be discussed with the Service Manager.
6. Our Service Manager will call you once the bag is ready.

Here are the terms and conditions of the warranty:
– Customers are responsible for bringing or shipping the damaged bags to our Service Center. We do not cover the shipping costs.
– Once the bag is fixed, customers need to collect it from our Service Center. If the bag needs to be shipped outside the city, customers will cover the shipping costs.
– If the damaged bags are outside our Service Center cities, customers need to send only the outer covers without the beans.
– If a customer brings a damaged bag filled with beans to our Service Center, the same amount of beans will be returned. Additional beans can be purchased if needed.
– Damaged bags will be fixed within 4 to 7 working days. Immediate replacements are not provided.
– If bags are damaged by sharp objects, panels may need to be changed. There is a possibility that the same grain or texture panel may not be available.
– Fixed bags will not be shipped to the customer’s doorstep.
– Bags purchased from our retail partners cannot be fixed on the shop floor. Customers need to bring the bags to our Service Center to have them fixed.

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