Tofu Beanie

  • At Bean Bag Shop, we ensure to take Quality and Safety on serious note. Our bean bags are tested and approved under strict standards.
  • You can gift your child tofu beanie with no hesitation for safety. Moreover, our double zip-lock (child lock system) in tofu beanie ensures that no beans come out of the bag and it remains far from child access.    
  • Bean Bag Shop produces first class tofu beanie products that can serve as great fun and play material for your kids.
  • Moreover, the style, design and colors are fabulous and can match all types of interiors.
  • They are handy and reliable, which you can take it with you wherever you lounge out.
  • It is available at cheap price starting from Rs. 2099.

Buy superior quality tofu beanie online at our Bean Bag Shop, India.