History of Bean Bags

A Brief History of Bean Bags

Making a stylish statement, a bean bag is also considered an extremely comfortable seating alternative. If you’re planning a makeover of your house, bean bags will make a great addition. These bags are not only an absolute value for money but are also sturdy and long lasting. Considered the most versatile and comfortable seats, these bean bags arrive in plenty of shapes and sizes to suit different purposes.

The concept of these bags had been around for many decades before but reached the pinnacle of success about 20 years back. Now these are replacing couches as well as chairs with a bang. Initially, bean bags were designed in four varied shapes and sizes, including armchair, sack, cylinder and teardrop. Over the span of years, the shapes and designs of these bean bags have gone through a complete metamorphosis. Designers today make changes and redesign this piece of furniture as per the requirements of customers. From faux fur bags and highly luxurious leather to the more practical versions for kids, there exist several types of bean bags ideal for every abode.

Let’s delve a little more into the history of these bean bags to know their roots.

Roger Dean, known for his notable paintings than his furniture designs, is the first person to design a bean bag chair. He first created the comfortable “sea urchin chair” of foam in a spherical design. Formed of 12 varied sections, it was covered in soft fur. It was featured in the cult film “A Clockwork Orange”.

Three Italian designers—Paolini, Gatti and Teodora—formed and brought into existence a brand new variety of chairs that was to completely transform the furniture industry. They created a pear-shaped chair of leather for the Zanotta Company. The chair was filled with Styrofoam beans and closely resembled bean bag chairs available today. Coined bean bag chair, this notable piece of furniture has remained an evergreen choice for numerous designers for so many years.

After a decade, the first ever American company that thought of creating a beanbag chair in the late 1970s was The Minneapolis Cuddlebag BeanBag Co. The founder of this company was Kenneth Edmunds. The Cuddlebag chairs were designed with leather and comprised thick-shaped Styrofoam pellets that made them a notable decorative furniture piece at the time of disco pop culture.

It was during the 1990s that people started designing this chair in different shapes and sizes to match the customer needs. Furniture such as sofas, bean bag recliners and footstools were later designed.

Bean bags were designed with different fillings, including Styrofoam pellets, dried beans and PVC pellets. The favoured fill for these chairs were recycled Styrofoam beans because of their eco credentials, in the environmentally conscious age. The bean bag chair went through multiple variations in the design, with the general filling of shredded polyurethane foam, for enhanced comfort levels.

Bean bags have grown much in reputation over the last decade and turned more than just an indoor comfortable seat. There are outdoor bean bags for summer barbeques, pets and swimming pool; there are bean bags couches and stools as well.

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