FAQs on Bean Bags

Product Information

What are Beanbags?

Beanbags are basically a sack and can be made from jute, fabric, vinyl, nylon, canvas, leather, or a combination of the above mentioned fabrics.  The bags can be in different shapes and sizes and are filled with polystyrene beads (Thermocol beans).
The bean bag’s distinctive quality is that while light in weight the beans in the bag compact to follow the body shape of a person and support the weight of the individual sitting on it, which thus provides a perfect combination of support and comfort.

How comfortable are bean bags?

Yes very comfortable indeed! They provide perfect support to your back and relieve the stress on your body’s pressure points. Get a bean bag chair with Thermocol fillers if you’re looking for some extra support. Over time the thermocol beans will conform to your body, creating the perfect posture.

Why should I choose Bean Bag Shop India for my bean bag needs?

Bean Bag Shop sells only Original Cool Bean Bags® products. These are unique fabrics that you will not easily find anywhere else! We stand by our product and guarantee our quality! We offer elegant bean bags at a great price!

How good are bean bags for kids?

Yes, they are great for kids. They’re safe, fun furniture, and can make them feel special. Our kid’s bean bag chairs are sized just for them. And our many fabric colors and designs will be sure to please everyone.

Is using bean bag chairs safe for kids?

Yes, they are. And kids love them. We have taken extra measures on all of our bean bag chairs to ensure safety. We use child-safe zipper pulls on all of our bean bags which means that you cannot open the bean bag unless you get a paper clip to open it. All bean bag chairs are fabricated with the toughest, most superior materials. This will prevent even the most mischievous kid from reaching the beans filled inside. We suggest kids under 5 years of age should use bean bags under adult supervision only.

Can adults use bean bags and chairs?

Bean bags are for anyone and everyone! Many of our designs are big enough to fit most adults. Take a look at the online shop for sizes that can fit multiple people or are large enough to take a nap on.

What sizes and styles are available?

Many sizes, styles, and designs are available with us. At Bean Bag Shop India we make sizes from kid to jumbo that can comfortably accommodate anyone. We also have a large selection of bean bag covers, colors, and designs to choose from. We have Classic Tear-drop bean bags, bean chairs (with or without armrests), kids bean bags, Football or Soccer ball-shaped bean bags, Bean beds, bean couches, Gaming bean bags, pets bean bags, etc. All of our bean bags are diverse sizes and the dimensions are marked alongside each product.

What types of materials does the bean bags come in?

We use many special types of fabrics. We are experts when it comes to textiles so you won’t see a lot of these fabrics anywhere other than Bean Bag Shop! We work with woven and knit fabrics. Some of our fabrics are Microfiber Leather, Faux Leather (only the best), Velvet, Cotton, Polyester, Polyester with PVC Coating (for outdoor use), Linen, Micro-Suede, Imitation Linen, LPU and Faux Fur.

Refilling & Care

How to clean my bean bags?

Leatherette bean bags can be simple wiped with a wet soft cloth with a mild detergent to remove any dirt and dust. Fabrics like Denim, Corduroy. Micro-Suede, Cotton, Khadi, etc are machine washable. Simply remove the cover or carefully empty the fill (if there is no inner liner). Please follow the washing instructions given on the cover to make sure your bean bag stays in excellent condition.

How sturdy is my bean bag?

Usually, our bean bag chairs are extremely durable. It is vital to take care of them so that they last long. Keeping kids from jumping on bean bags will help safeguard the seams. Also, make sure your bean bag is suitably filled as this will help it to preserve its proposed shape and luxury level. If you buy a high-quality bean bag it should last you many years.

How do I refill my bean bag?

We also sell bean bag fillers. Simply order some from our online bean bag shop. If your bean bag is losing its form or is no longer comfortable, just open the velcro and zipper opening in the bottom side of your bean bag and pour fillers according to your need and comfort.

What filling material is used to fill bean bags?

Today, most bean bags are filled with EPS (Thermocol) beads. At BeanBagShop India we use and sell High-density EPS granules for filling all our bean bags.

When should I refill my bean bags?

Bean fillers inside your bean bag get compressed with the usage over the period. So when you feel the bag is not comfortable and beans have compressed then it’s time for topping up your bean bag, although we use only high-density bean fillers and they get compressed after a very long time compared to other regular bean bag fillers.

I want to refill my bean bag, how much should I buy?

This is a very frequent query when it comes to bean bags. Since every bean bag chair is a little different. Please refer to our Filling Guide for Bean Bags, Otherwise, in each product description, we have mentioned the amount of beans required to optimally fill your bean bag according to its size and volume.

Can I put my bean bags near heat, like a fireplace or direct sunlight?

Just like any other piece of furniture, avoid keeping your bean bags near direct heat sources such as heaters or fireplaces, for extended periods.

Is my bean bag water-resistant?

Yes, some of our bean bags are meant for outdoor use but not all of them. Please refer to the product details of each bean bag. Some bean bags are marked water-resistant which means they repel water but they are not waterproof. Our waterproof chairs will be marked waterproof for outdoor use. The bean bag chair is not a flotation device.

Payments & Shipping

What are the Payment options available?

Customers can pay online using Credit cards, Debit cards, Net-Banking, Online Wallets, UPI, etc. We have partnered with multiple payment gateways to provide you safe and secure payment environment.

Our Domestic Indian Payment Gateway Partners:

  • Razorpay
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  • Paytm

Our International Payment Gateway Provider:

  • Paypal

Offline payments like COD is taken care of by our shipping partners like India Post, Gati, Fedex, DTDC, etc.

What are the shipping options available?

We have partnered with number of Top shipping providers to offer you quick and timely delivery of your bean bags.

  • Free Shipping- India Post
  • Express Shipping- Speed Post, Fedex, DTDC, Gati, etc

Do I get a tracking number for my Order?

Yes. You will receive an email with your tracking information once we ship your bean bag chair order.

How long does it take for my bean bag order to arrive?

Orders normally ship within 2-5 business days. Once your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number which you can use to track your shipment on the India Post or FedEx website.

General Information

Where can I use bean bags?

Bean bags are perfect for your home, office, or schools. There are many inventive and practical uses for bean bag stuff.

What is your return/exchange policy?

We doubt you’ll have any problem with your bean bag chair but on the off-chance that you do, send us an email at admin@beanbagshop.in explaining what the problem is.
We offer a Manufacturer Warranty on Stitching and Zippers.

Privacy & Security

Bean Bag Shop will never sell, lend, or rent any personal information you provide during your visit to our bean bag chairs online store. Your personal information is only used with your prior knowledge and consent to process and fulfill your order. Your email will be added to our mailing list when you place an order. If you wish to stop receiving these emails from Bean Bag Shop, you can unsubscribe at any time.

How can I contact you?

Email: admin@beanbagshop.in

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